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Building Supplies


Car Bump Stop

2m x 200mm x 95mm
2m x 200mm x 150mm
1650mm x 200mm x 95mm

Plumbing Supplies

Flush Mounded Traps

Link to a variety of different shapes
and styles in either grate or bolted.


Pier Caps

Link to a variety of concrete pier caps.











Slabs for Construction

    Concrete slabs for under hot water heaters,
    air-conditioners and gas bottles.

Lightweight concrete

   We have a variety of  different sized slabs made
   in lightweight concrete.  Use the link to find out
   the sizes.  They come in 50mm and ripple slabs.
   Lightweight concrete allows for large slabs
   to be moved easily without all the heavy lifting.


Concrete drains link.


Three Different Sizes all with Galvanized bolts.
920mm x 250mm x 40mm (bolts 720mm apart)
1070mm x 250mm x 40mm (bolts 870mm apart)
1200mm x 250mm x 40mm (bolts 1000mm apart)

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