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Exposed Slabs


Circular Pavers

300mm Diameter
390mm Diameter
600mm Diameter

Big Foot

620mm x 370mm

  Square Paver

  300mm Squared
  400mm Squared
  450mm Squared
  500mm Squared
  600mm Squared
  700mm Squared



600mm x 430mm


460mm x 300mm

Salt and Pepper

We also make salt and pepper
exposed that is available by order.

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Hexagon Pavers

300mm Hexagon
540mm Hexagon

   Rectangle Paver

   600mm x 300mm
   600mm x 450mm
   750mm x 450mm
   900mm x 450mm
   900mm x 600mm



  560mm x 360mm



   400mm Octagon

   House Numbers

   Numbers can be added
   to any expose piece.

  Black or White Exposed

  Expose can be made in black
  or white pebbles.  It is available
  by order only.


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