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Garden Products.



Garden Stepping Stones

You will find a variety of different garden stepping stones design in this section.   To create a designer look path way or to add style to paving.


Garden Edges

We have arange of different types and sizes of garden edges to make circular and square gardens.  This section shows you a few shapes

you can make and the pieces that we have for you to invent your own design.





Used for garden edging, retaining walls, steps etc. 

2400mm x 230mm x 80mm

1800mm x 230mm x 80mm

900mm x 230mm x 80mm

Made to order in any colour or plain concrete.


We have the ability to suit your colour needs there is no reason why you should have plain boring concrete colour with our variety of colours that can go on any plain or patterned concrete shape.  Whether it is a garden edge, stepping stone or paving slab.













Garden Stepping Stones Shapes

If you are after a shape to create your stepping stones they are in this section.  Some types are leaves, feet and ovals.


Garden Surrounds

Garden surrounds come in a variety of different shapes and are used to enclosed a small garden or a special plant.




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