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Lightweight slabs for Construction

Rectangle Slabs

900mm x 450mm x 50mm
750mm x 450mm x 50mm
900mm x 600mm x 50mm

Ripple Slab

450mm x 450mm
600mm x 600mm
750mm x 750mm
870mm x 600mm

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Square Slabs

600mm x 600mm x 50mm

Facts about Lightweight concrete
Lightweight concrete is reinforced with fibers not steel.
The Strength is reduced in proportion to the weight
reduction.  The product is designed to support hot water
heaters and air conditioners.  It is not to be used in
traffic areas.  The weight has been reduced to half that
of normal concrete.  We have been able to retain the surface
look of normal concrete.  The strength is about 10mpa.
Some special care is required during transportation and
placement of the lightweight concrete slabs.


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