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Technical Data


All our products are reinforced with 48mm plastic fibres. 


The steps, car bump stops and sleepers have 7.6mm deformed wire.

We use oxides to colour our product making the colour go right through

the item.  As a guide some of quantities per pallet and weight are below.

Approximate amounts per pallet    
Type Amount per pallet Weight per pallet
400mm x 400mm Paver 60 / Pallet 720 kgs
450mm x 450mm Paver 40 / Pallet 880 kgs
500mm x 500mm Paver 40 / Pallet 1000 kgs
600mm x 600mm Paver 40 / Pallet 1600 kgs
750mm x 450mm Paver 30 / Pallet 1100 kgs
900mm x 450mm Paver 20 / Pallet 880 kgs
900mm x 600mm Paver 20 / Pallet 1100 kgs